We’re Happy You’re Here

Peppy’s Pet Shoppe offers pet care services as well as a curated, online shop of pet treats, toys and accessories. Whether we’re out on a walk with your dog or researching cat treat ingredients, we approach everything with the same attention-to-detail as we would with our very own family.


Hello, I'm Ann

My animal love doesn't just stop at cats & dogs! I grew up in Mankato, Minnesota and had all sorts of animals—bunnies, guinea pigs, fish, gerbils, a snake, you name it! I moved to Fort Collins and attended Colorado State University where I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Ecosystem Science and Sustainability.

How Peppy's Started

In 2019, Peppermint (aka Peppy) got sick. And I felt called to make a change. I vowed to spend more time researching; researching to find the healthiest of treats and the best pet products out there. It was through my research that… Peppy’s Pet Shoppe was born!

How It's Going

Thankfully, Peppy is still around today and reaps the benefits of the role of “treat tester” for our little shoppe. Each and every day, we’re thankful to have our own pets, Peppy & Bentley, and the love of the pets entrusted in our care. Thank you for sharing them with us each & every day!

-Ann, Deja, Peppermint and Bentley